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This  page is an acknowledgement to those companions who the Bella Moss Foundation  got to know, tried to help, but sadly the fight was lost, every one of these beautiful creatures fought so hard, as did Bella to survive MRSA.  Most animals do recover from MRSA infections and you can visit this page to  read more stories.



1 June 2000 – 8th October 2011

The bravest girl I have ever met. Misdiagnosed by a vet in Wales in 2009 Brooke fought to survive for 2 more years. Everytime they said she wouldn’t make it she did, astounding the experts. Cruelly when she had nearly overcome the lung problems she slipped and suffered internal bleeding BUT even then she survived by healing herself overnight and the blood stopping. We had 2 more precious weeks together where we cherished every minute and I felt like the luckiest person alive having you still. Sadly this happiness wasn’t to last and the bleeding occurred again. This time my precious girl couldn’t carry on and I knew what I had to do. I said goodnight to my girl on 8th October 2011. Brooke you pulled me through losing Beth and Taryn, til the very end you wagged your tail. Your cheeky character made you a favourite amongst so many people all over the country but most importantly you were my girl. Thankyou for everything, miss you everyday.. Run free with Beth who I know you missed as much as me.  LOVE MUMMY XXX


Little Daisy

29 May 2008 – 16th October 2011

Daisy contracted MRSA after a  broken claw




Dowie died from MRSA following surgery to ear. My beautiful Boxer fought this awful condition bravely until his body could take no more.  We had him when he was six months old as a rescue dog and he had been terribly abused so much so that he had hardly any hair on his body.  It took a lot of patience and care but by the time he was one year old he was a happy and loveable boy – something that he was for the rest of his life until MRSA took his life.  Even though 4 years have passed since his death, we still miss him every day.” Jane




Bear died of MRSA following surgery to remove a cyst



2009  – 2011

Flower died due to  Failed TTA surgery




Royce died because the stud she bred with carried MRSA. Royce was a beautiful 2 year old English Labrador Retriever who loved everything about life.  We called her “Wiggle Butt” for short because she got so excited when she saw us that she would wiggle her back end so fast.  She followed us everywhere around our house and never left our side.  She loved all the children in our home and loved our cat, too. She was such a calm and gentle girl.  She loved to go for walks, car rides and was so special.   Royce’s life ended tragically when she was bred to another chocolate Labrador who carried MRSA.  It was heart breaking.  We miss you so much “Wiggle Butt”!!  RIP Royce!!! Nicole




Sep 1, 2000  to May 19th 2012

Princess  was our beloved min-pin who was taken from us pre-maturely because of MRSA. She loved to play in our garden, chase field mice, and play with her brothers. She had a little stuffed tiger she carried with her everywhere she went, and treated it like her baby. Even though she was in pain her last few months, she loved to go for walks, camp, and play in her back yard. . We loved her dearly and miss her every day.


Jill Moss’s tribute to Endall a very special dog sadly died (not due to MRSA) but greatly missed, visit this link to read Jill Moss’s tribute to a special dog called Endall.


Support with Pet Bereavement

The Ralph Site
The Ralph Site is a non-profit website that provides information and resources about various aspects concerning the loss, or anticipated loss, of a beloved furry friend. The site describes things to consider when deciding about euthanasia and aftercare options, and also some explanation of the stages and emotions of grief.

Society For Companion Animal Studies
0800 0966606

Prayer for the death of a pet

Lord God, to those who never had a pet, this prayer will sound strange, but to you, Lord of all life and creator of all creature, it will be understandable.

My heart is heavy as I face the loss in death of our beloved one who was so much a part of our lives.

This pet made our life more enjoyable and gave us cause to laugh and to find joy in his (her) company.

I remember the fidelity and loyalty of our loved on and will miss him (her) being with us. From him (her) we learned many lessons such as the quality of naturalness and the unembarrassed request for affection.

In caring for his (her) daily needs, we were taken up and out of our own self-needs and thus learned to service another.

May the death of this creature of yours remind us that death comes to all of us, animal and human, and it is the natural passage for all life.

May our loved one sleep in an eternal slumber in your Godly care as all creation awaits the fullness of liberation.


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