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March 30, 2014

Help the veterinary profession beat antimicrobial resistance – and win an iPad!

VETERINARY surgeons are being urged to share their prescribing experiences in a comprehensive new survey aimed at shining a light on antibiotic usage in pets. The profession is becoming increasingly [&hellip

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March 30, 2014

Vets do you bit for National Pet Month 1st April – 5th May

Do your bit and help spread awareness of pet infections this April. Owner awareness charity the Bella Moss Foundation (BMF) is urging practices to make a concerted drive to educate [&hellip

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March 30, 2014

BSAVA – CONGRESS MEDIA ALERT – Friday 4th April 12-15 – 1pm Stand 15A Hall 1 in the ICC

Chat to leading infection control champions on Friday April 4, 12-2pm at ICC Hall 1 – Stand 15A. Leading infection awareness charity The Bella Moss Foundation (BMF) is launching a [&hellip

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March 28, 2014

National Pet Month 1st April – 5th May

The Bella Moss Foundation supports National Pet Month and calls all pet carers to download our educational posters and take part in our survey to promote responsible pet health, ownership and [&hellip

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March 28, 2014

Please take the time to participate in our survey on prudent use of antimicrobials in practice

Survey on prudent use of antimicrobials in practice This survey has been developed by the Bella Moss Foundation and in conjunction with the Royal Veterinary College in response to the [&hellip

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March 27, 2014

FREE Guidelines combat growing pet infection concerns

Leading infection control awareness group The Bella Moss Foundation (BMF) has created free guidelines to help veterinary professionals combat the growing threat of practice-acquired infections. Set to be launched at [&hellip

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March 15, 2014

ONEHEALTH website launched! Medical and Veterinary Sectors Unite for First Major One Health Conference 13 October 2014, Royal Society of Medicine epidemiology and comparative medicine department The UK’s first major ‘One Health’ [&hellip

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March 5, 2014

BMF at FECAVA Council Meetings 27th February – 1st March in Helsinki

Jill Moss, founder and president of the Bella Moss Foundation gave directors an overview of the history and the current work of the foundation and informed the director about the [&hellip

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    Testing for MRSA

    How do we test for MRSA? The only way to identify MRSA is to take a sample and analyse it in a laboratory. A culture can identify the bacteria and [&hellip


    How Bacteria are Spread

    Humans and animals all carry their own specialised colonies of bacteria. These are generally harmless in the normal course of events and serve to prevent the growth of alien bacteria [&hellip


    Viruses vs Bacteria

    The differences between bacteria and viruses Author – Elaine Pendlebury BA BSc  BVetMed DMS MRCVS  Senior Veterinary Surgeon (Science & Welfare) PDSA Bacteria (singular is bacterium) are one celled living organisms [&hellip

    How we have Helped

    Jill Moss has helped all of us pet lovers in so many ways, regarding MRSA. I never even knew about how horrible this can be for our furry children, until [&hellip

    Jan Stroncheck (USA)

    Max had been our family since he was a puppy. He was our little boy! and he brought us so much pleasure even when the kids came along we still [&hellip

    Leigh, Terry and the Martin family – Max

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